The Milestones agency of metro detroit

19321 West Chicago Road | Detroit, MI 48228 | (313) 444-2055


The Milestones Agency is a licensed prevention provider in the State of Michigan. Our family focused initiatives include Nationally Recognized Evidence- Based Prevention Programs and other curriculums designed to educate and empower school-aged children and their parents through personal and professional development.

We employ proven models that have demonstrated strong research results of increasing protective factors that reduce at- risk behaviors. The goals and objectives of our prevention efforts are centered on promoting and enhancing the strength of the family unit.

Our prevention programs promote building healthy relationships and marriages, creating self-sufficiency, and promoting social and personal responsibility. Our community partnerships continue to grow and extend our reach beyond men and boys to women, girls and young children.

We strive to provide wrap around services and resources to create and maintain “whole” family units.



Our Mission:

To build families by developing leaders, fathers, husbands and scholars by educating at-risk boys and young men on the responsibilities of manhood; and to teach them how their positive development and choices will have a profound impact on the quality of living for the women and children in their lives and in their respective communities.